When Sidney and Allyson put their heads together to brainstorm the best method of characterizing the seven shades you now see, they decided a personal approach was best. Instead of using abstract names, each shade is named after the person whose skin tone was used to create the color.  That is to say, MacKenzie, Danika, Cynthia, Bo, Allyson, Sidney and Erica are the real women who brought T!NTALIZE® concealer to real color.

T!NTALIZE® concealer is available exclusively online at this website.  Order our seven packette collection (.5ml/.02oz, 3.5ml total) for $15 or the 6 ml/.20 oz tube for $29.If you’re a “tween-tone” (skin tones between one shade and another), order two. You can blend colors for seasonal skin tone variation or share it with a friend.

Change has come.  And T!NTALIZE® concealer tantalizes you to open your dreams and closets to the flip flops, strappy heels, peep toes, and mules you’ve always fantasized of wearing. Hello Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin!!!!!!!!!

With your choice of seven shades:



Experience what this little touch of color and confidence can do for you!!!!


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