How they first met

Sidney and Allyson have been friends for almost thirty years.  They met as they arrived at San Francisco airport from Chicago on their way to Stanford for freshman year. It turned out that they were assigned to the same dorm, and they became fast friends.   Time passed…. They left Stanford and began lives in separate cities (Sidney in Chicago, and Allyson in Los Angeles), but they always kept in touch. They’d get together for a divas’ night to play catch-up whenever fate landed them in the same town.  A couple of years ago, Sidney happened to be in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day, and they hooked up over a workout, Veuve Cliquot and In-N-Out burgers.  They toasted to twenty-five years!!!!


They were standing in Sidney’s kitchen on a fine summer day when she looked down at her tantalizingly be-sandaled feet and said, “Allyson, I just can’t stand these corns on my toes.  I try to cover them with foundation to make them less noticeable, but it comes off in a couple of hours. We need to come up with something.”

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.  So they invented!!!!!!!


When they decided to do T!NTALIZE® concealer, Sidney and Allyson  started with what it had to be: waterproof, sweat proof, rub proof, smudge proof, long-lasting and coverage you can build.  They thought about the fact that discolorations on the foot occur in a few ways. For people that have more melanin in their skin, a corn may be lighter in tone than the surrounding skin, it may be darker, or, in the case of those with little melanin, it may turn red.  Also, women with fairer skin may have age spots, tan lines and veins they want to cover.  And anyone may have temporary or permanent discoloration from injuries or surgical procedures. They thought about where you may want to go that you would want your feet to look flawless and tantalizing.  They thought about the places from where you might be coming before you got to the ultimate destination. They looked at the whole picture, and what you now see is everything they could conceive you would want wrapped in one sleek packette.

In their quest to bring T!NTALIZE® concealer to you, Sidney and Allyson never compromised on what it had to be.  They got personally involved with each and every step.  The “rub proof” property took a while to perfect; they put their chemist, Armando, through countless formulations to get it right. They stood side by side with him in the lab to blend the seven shades now created, and they tested these shades on friends, family, business associates, strangers, anyone who would let them.  They put together the colors, the fonts, the logos, the packaging you can now hold in your hand. In the end, T!NTALIZE® concealer is exactly what they wanted you to have: a product of excellence that stands up to what Sidney and Allyson envisioned.

By trade, Sidney is the managing director of an investment banking firm; Allyson is a makeup artist on “The Bold and the Beautiful”.  Perhaps an unlikely duo, but they think what really makes them click as partners is that Sidney is business with a tad of creative, and Allyson is creative with a tad of business.  But, fundamentally, they’re very similar. They have similar beliefs in life; they share a similar philosophy in business.


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