The T!NTALIZE® 1, 2, 3…

1. Squeeze a small amount of T!NTALIZE® concealer onto your finger tip;

2. Dab onto the area you want to conceal and rub until it dries;

3. Let it set for a minute or so then dress as usual.

If you need more coverage, repeat the 1,2,3 and give it a little extra time to dry. 


  • T!NTALIZE® concealer works best when thinly applied. The coverage is buildable so if your blemish needs extra, use thin layers to achieve your level of flawless;

  • When dry, it should feel like your skin is bare; a minute should be sufficient. If, however, it still feels a bit tacky after 60 seconds, allow it a bit more time to dry completely.  This will give you the best rub-proofing and longevity.

  • Allow moisturizers to absorb completely into the skin prior to applying T!NTALIZE® concealer. The emollients in the lotion may interfere with
    T!NTALIZE® concealer being able to dry.

  • Feel free to wear T!NTALIZE® concealer when you swim; chlorine has no effect on this extraordinary foot makeup.

  • If you wear T!NTALIZE® concealer in shoes, and your feet perspire, please be aware that the product may transfer to your socks or shoes.

A friend of Allyson and Sidney’s suggested that they remind you to conserve your resources.  Once you’ve concealed your flaws, shoe options may become overwhelmingly tantalizing!!!!!!!!

The Removal

When you’re ready, you can remove T!NTALIZE® concealer as easily as you applied it. Soap and water work well. When you shower or bathe, simply spend a few seconds cleansing your feet where you put it on.

There are other products, like cleansing oils, or even baby oil, which remove the product easily.  If you choose to use an oil to remove the product, we recommend going over the area with a damp, soapy cloth after applying the oil. This ensures complete removal.  But for those nights when only collapsing immediately into bed will due, don’t fret! T!NTALIZE® concealer will NOT transfer to your sheets.



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