How do I choose my shade?

A. When making your color selection, remember to look at your legs. If your blemish is in close  proximity to them and your feet are covered most of the time, there may be a color difference OR if you are using
T!NTALIZE® concealer over larger areas to cover age spots and/or veins, your T!NTALIZE® concealer shade will need to blend with the rest of your legs.  B. Also check the skin surrounding the blemish for the color that is consistent over a large area, and match to that.

What happens if I choose the wrong shade?

If you chose the wrong T!NTALIZE® concealer shade, feel free to return the remaining six, unopened packettes for an exchange or full refund.  Please refer to the return policy for instructions.  Also, don’t forget to share T!NTALIZE® concealer with a friend.

What is the best way to apply T!NTALIZE® concealer?

T!NTALIZE® concealer works best when applied in thin layers, with time to set between each layer.  

Will T!NTALIZE® concealer cover my scars?

Yes, it will.  As a foot make up, it depends, however, on the severity of the scarring as to how many layers of T!NTALIZE® concealer are needed.

Will T!NTALIZE® concealer cover my corns and abrasions?

Absolutely! T!NTALIZE® concealer will cover almost any foot blemish.  Please remember to exfoliate prior to use for the best coverage.

How does T!NTALIZE® concealer work on age spots, tan lines and freckles?  Veins?

T!NTALIZE® concealer works to eliminate any variations in skin color, leaving your feet beautifully flawless. It works so well because our chemist used more than double the pigment load of a normal concealer to give instant, non-detectable coverage.
Similarly, the extra coverage in T!NTALIZE® concealer eliminates discoloration from veins visible under the skin.

Can I sleep with T!NTALIZE® concealer on my feet?

Of course! T!NTALIZE® concealer has three rub proofing components which makes it very difficult for transfer to occur onto clothing and sheets. 

Will T!NTALIZE® concealer come off in water?

T!NTALIZE® concealer is designed to be waterproof.  Soap AND water are required for removal.

Will T!NTALIZE® concealer stain the inside of my shoes?

In our testing, we’ve found minimal instances of this occurring.  If your foot perspires heavily, there may be transfer, but it is easily removed with soap and water.

What do I do if I accidentally get T!NTALIZE® concealer on my clothes?

For washable items, T!NTALIZE® concealer is easily removed with soap and water.  For items requiring dry cleaning, simply inform your dry cleaner that it is a make up product.


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