The Uses

T!NTALIZE® concealer is a revolutionary product and the PREMIER concealer  that allows your feet to be exactly how you want them: REVEALED!!  Created BY women, FOR women, you no longer have to use foundations-- which don’t work!!-- to cover the flaws on your feet.  After you’ve exfoliated your soles, moisturized between your toes, trimmed your cuticles, softened your feet with paraffin, and polished your toe nails-- the whole pedicure!-- don’t you detest having to cover all you’ve done because of blemishes and discolorations? We do. In moments, T!NTALIZE® concealer wraps your abrasions, age spots, corns, discolorations, scars, tan lines and veins with coverage so perfect and colors so true it melds with your skin. No one can tell. And once you conceal, you can freely reveal.

Your feet will look flawless. In the boardroom. On the beach barefoot. At a bumpin’ bash in sumptuous sandals. In the boudoir….

Best of all, the coverage is waterproof, sweat proof, rub proof, smudge proof, and long-lasting.  And you can layer it to cover a little or a lot.  Now, T!NTALIZE® concealer lets women work out, handle business and party with panache, having the confidence that your feet look fabulous. And will keep on looking fabulous until you choose to take it off.

The Chemistry

A water-based gel with special components, T!-NTALIZE® concealer’s revolutionary formula takes  ‘long-lasting” to a whole new level.  You can be in pumps all day in the office, slide into your favorite Manolos for an after work bash, AND NOT REAPPLY.

T!NTALIZE® concealer covers so well because its pigment load is more than double that of others. Just squeeze a tiny dab onto your fingertip and rub onto your blemish until dry.

The color matching is unparalleled. The coverage is complete. Flawless. Tantilizing….


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